Pilates for Ordinary People 6-week Series

Scared of being the biggest, stiffest, most uncoordinated person in the Pilates studio??

Then go online instead! 😝

Join Pilates Master Trainer Victoria for a 6-week series of Pilates matwork classes specifically for ordinary people.

Ideal for beginners or for those who haven't been to (any) class for a while. Each session has some low-impact, core-strengthening, embodied movement that is suitable for all. You just need a mat, some space and clothes you can move in. You don't need fancy trainers (cos we don't wear any) or expensive water bottles (although it might be handy to have a glass of water close at hand). You don't even need to do the classes every week because you get access to the recordings for a full year after purchase!

Each week builds on the one before but they don't have to be taken in order. Just decide what your focus is and then do that session. Here's what's covered each week:

  1. Pelvic Floor - bottom of the core
  2. Diaphragm - top of the core
  3. Transversus Abdominis - deepest core muscle
  4. Rectus Abdominis - the 6-pack
  5. Obliques - the core rotators
  6. Quadratus Lumborum - the back of the core

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